Monday, November 26, 2012


This blog is to share information on a program created to take students from Paradise Valley Community College in Phoenix, Arizona to the central coast of Vietnam for tutoring Vietnamese college students in English so they can get better jobs in the tourism industry as tour guides.
We will spend the first two weeks of June 2013 on campus learning how to draw, that's right, draw! I will instruct you basic techniques in drawing freehand, as well as provide an indepth orientation on what to expect in Vietnam. We will depart for Vietnam on Friday, June 14 and return June 29. The first week we will be in Tam Ky, Quang Nam Province, just south of Da Nang. The second week we will be in Hoi An, one the UNESCO World Heritage sites, and a beautiful city.
Cost: $2700, which includes 4 college credits, airfare, lodging, fees, tours etc. It includes everything except lunch and dinner which will be on our own.
Enroll now for Art111 section 38649 Drawing 1, and EDU282AA section 41650 Volunteerism in Education in the spring schedule at
Contact me for more information
602 787 6615

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