Wednesday, November 28, 2012

How to enroll in the program

So, the Bridging the Gap program is for American students to travel to Vietnam and tutor Vietnamese college students in English. They will be in college vocational programs to help them get jobs in the tourism industry, for which they need to be fluent in English. The American students will use drawing as a means to overcome the language barrier and communicate, when necessary through the medium of visual images.
To be part of the program, a student has to enroll in Art111, section 38649, 3 credits, Introduction to Drawing, and EDU282AA, section 41850, 1 credit Volunteerism in Education. These classes are listed here in the spring 2013 schedule on the website.
Cost of this program is $900 plus $1800 for airfare. These costs include all lodging, insurance, tour fees, tuition and some meals. A valid US passport is required, so if you don't have one you best apply soon because it takes up to six weeks to go through processing.
There is a mandatory orientation session on April 17 on the Paradise Valley Community College campus, then the classes start June 3 for drawing instruction and tutoring instruction. We will depart for Vietnam June 14, and return June 29.

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